LED ZEPPELIN - ( I met Jimmy Page @ the Echo Awards 2013) Rock, Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean

Jimmy Page called me darling your argument is invalid.

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Page & Plant


Page & Plant

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Mick Jagger watching Mick Jagger on TV, Chicago, November 10, 1964.

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Losing one’s child is the bitterest pill to take. I’ve got two more boys now, who are absolute gems - different kinds of guys but they’re really good friends of mine. But at that time nothing was in my favour at all. And the sensationalism and the cheap shots that followed it were hard to take. The comments about how it was all connected with Jimmy’s dalliance with the dark side and whatever - that was cheap. I’ve never shared those preoccupations with him and I don’t really know anything about it.  Fate is already written - Robert Plant

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